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30 rock, aaron tveit, alice ripley, andrew lippa, beth malone, bets malone, bones, brian d'arcy james, broadway, cocktober, david boreanaz, david hyde pierce, emil chau, emily deschanel, emily skinner, farah alvin, frasier, gillian anderson, gregory house, house, hugh laurie, idina menzel, julia murney, kim huber, kirsten benton chandler, kristin chenoweth, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, mamma mia, meryl streep, misty cotton, movies, musical theatre, next to normal, pushing daisies, queenie 2000, superband, the marvelous wonderettes, the wild party, the x-files, tina fey, tom kitt, victoria matlock, wakin chau, west wing, wicked
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look to the western sky
p.s. Cocktober stays with you in your heart

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